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Summary0012059: dokuwiki integration not comaptibile with apache auth

I can use dokuwiki integration single sign on without problems. I have followed:

Our Mantis and dokuwiki sites are publicly reachable, but protected with apache auth when user is not on company internal network.

When trying to access wiki site from the internet, I am not able to log on. I lose the mantis login if I was logged.

Login and password entered into apache auth window goes into dokuwiki\inc\auth\mantis.class.php instead of credentials I enter into dokuwiki or mantis.

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2010-06-14 08:35

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By commenting the following segment from dokuwiki\inc\auth\mantis.class.php, I was able to make single sign-on work even when dokuwiki is protected by apache auth:

 // Has a user name been provided?
        if ( !empty ( $user ) )
            // User name provided, so login via form in progress...
            // Are the specified user name and password valid?
            if ( auth_attempt_login ( $user, $pass, $sticky ) )
                // Credential accepted...
                $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'] = $user; // Set the user name (makes things work...)
                $ValidUser = true; // Report success.
                // Invalid credentials
                        if ( !$silent )
                    sg ( $lang [ 'badlogin' ], -1 );

                $ValidUser = false;

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2011-08-28 16:18

reporter   ~0029577

I believe that call to 'sg' is a typo. It should be 'msg'.

I had to fix it to get PHP errors to stop when I set up my DokuWiki recently.

I've updated the preferred wiki page that most of the obvious links direct you to on the Mantis wiki.

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