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0026950mantisbtinstallationpublic2020-06-22 06:29
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Product Version2.24.1 
Summary0026950: Can't verify gpg signature 2.24.1 release tarball

Thanks for providing gpg keys to check the signature of a mantis release.
For some unknown reason the gpg signature of mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz doesn't check out:

$ gpg2 --verify mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz.asc mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz
gpg: Signature made Sun 03 May 2020 10:29:05 AM CEST
gpg: using RSA key 5769AA4978E571A7BADB2A4DD4EAE2390A45E2D6
gpg: BAD signature from " <>" [ultimate]

Interestingly the signature for the ZIP archive is ok:

$ gpg2 --verify
gpg: Signature made Sun 03 May 2020 10:29:06 AM CEST
gpg: using RSA key 5769AA4978E571A7BADB2A4DD4EAE2390A45E2D6
gpg: Good signature from " <>" [ultimate]

No content has been tampered with:
diff -u -r -p mantisbt-2.24.1.from-zip/ mantisbt-2.24.1.from-tar/

Checksums of the files:

$ shasum mantisbt*
f4ecf2ef8316e530bcfe501a0068110f28361b8d mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz
023988a9c8fe1602022a840d9feedee94230e323 mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz.asc
$ shasum -c mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz.digests
mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz: OK

I also tried if f.e. the signature was just for mantisbt-2.24.1.tar instead of mantisbt-2.24.1.tar.gz
or if the xx.digest file was signed by accident.

Can someone reproduce the issue?

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related to 0022269 closeddregad Public key for verification should be available 




2020-05-09 06:32

reporter   ~0063965

Related gpg key issue (I can't add related issues myself):



2020-05-11 04:00

developer   ~0063967

I confirm the problem with the bad signature for the tarball.

Our standard release publication process relies on a script to build the zip/tarballs, then generate the corresponding ASCII-armored signature files, so I really can't explain why one of them is valid while the other is not... Very strange. Maybe @vboctor signed the release manually, or errors occured during script execution, and he failed to notice.

Anyway he's the only one who can fix this.



2020-05-14 08:49

reporter   ~0063982

Would be great, @vboctor if you could correctly sing the file!



2020-06-22 06:29

reporter   ~0064117


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