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0027037mantisbttimelinepublic2020-06-17 13:56
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Product Version2.24.0 
Summary0027037: enhanced data on Timeline in My View

Would like to see you add hover text to the email addresses that shows a popup with their Real name and their Role in parentheses. This should be simple to do in the code that writes out the Timeline text and add the HTML since just use the Title attribute in the anchor tag. Would require you do a quick lookup if those two pieces of data are not readily available in a global variable I suppose.

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Hover over an email address (account name) in the Timmeline list. nothing shows up.

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2020-06-15 13:54

reporter   ~0064103

Note that "title" is the correct attribute to use, not "alt", per RFC.



2020-06-15 15:48

developer   ~0064104

If someone should start implementing this, don't forget performance.
The display of the access level could stress database if timeline contains entries for multiple users in multiple private projects.

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