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0008953mantisbtwikipublic2020-06-27 01:48
Reportercveira Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version1.1.1 
Summary0008953: DokuWiki authentication failure

Once I've followed the steps pointed out in the documentation ( ), my DokuWiki installation seems to be unable to validate any user.

Mantis returns one of the following SYSTEM NOTICE messages:

a. Undefined index: rev
b. Undefined index: id

Every time I go to any Wiki page from Mantis it fails. I can see the error page with the user information I am logged in with in Mantis. The page is broken due to failing relative path referencing (no images, no CSS, no JS).

Every time I try to enter the Wiki directly, it also fails. This time I can see the error page with NO user information since I am no logged in in Mantis. The page is also broken due to failing relative path referencing (no images, no CSS, no JS).

Additional Information

DokuWiki installation works fine when unlinked from mantis. Mantis installation works fine. Failure seems to be affecting Wiki integration.

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2020-06-14 13:08

developer   ~0064098

Please try again with latest version of authmantis plugin

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