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Tablefield plugin

Post by Amin »


I would like to create a new type (table) when I create a custom field.
I have found this plugin :

I have create the table manaualy using myphpadmin (mantis_tablefield_item_list_table) , but it's doesn't work..

If someone have an idea about what I need to update on the php files, I will appricate his help,

Thank you
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Re: Tablefield plugin

Post by atrol »

I recommend to contact the author of the plugin, e.g. create a report at
Please use Search before posting and read the Manual
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Re: Tablefield plugin

Post by cas »

It is a very old plugin for mantis version 1.2, last maintained in 2013........ :roll:
So not made available for version 2.x
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Re: Tablefield plugin

Post by Starbuck »

We see here a very common pattern. Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm just explaining how you can get what you want...

1) Someone wants a feature
2) It's available in a plugin, or some code is required.
3) The person who wants that feature doesn't code.
4) This typically results in "OK, I guess I can't get what I want".

That's not a logical conclusion. You CAN get what you want if you understand the FOSS model, or basic business.

Let's discuss Supply and Demand:

If there is no demand, there is no supply.
If there is a lot of demand, eventually somone takes initiative to supply what people want.
If there only a little demand, those who want something need to take their own initiative. That means either DIY or motivate someone else to provide a desired solution.

But Someone needs to take a lead on solutions, or yes, the result is "I guess I can't get what I want".

Developers are motivated by different things. Contrary to popular belief, FOSS developers are not all, and only, motivated simply by having a happy crowd of people to use their software. If you rely on developers just feeling good when you enjoy the result of their labor, then we'll continue to see dead plugins for Mantis and every other FOSS platform. Some developers work on "free" (liberty/beer) software for money. You aren't paying for the software, you're thanking the developer with money for the free software that you get - there's a difference. Other developers don't want money but they might appreciate access to something they might not be able to get otherwise.

So consider... For anyone who wants a plugin to be updated, what do YOU have to offer someone for something that YOU want? Would you be willing to buy a pizza? A cup of coffee? A subscription to Spotify or Pandora? Would you give someone in the street a couple $dollars or €euros ? Can you recommend a good restaurant in your neighborhood? Can you offer a discount on something your company produces? What about something that one of your business partners produce? Maybe you can do something nice for someone else so that they'll do something nice for the developer? How about carrying someone's groceries or mowing their lawn? What can YOU do to motivate someone else to provide you with what you need?

If you don't attempt to motivate developers, then yes, you will find lots of dead plugins, no one to help you, and you will have to do without functionality that you'd like to see. That is Supply and Demand.

If you want Mantis to work differently, use or create a plugin. Visit the Plugins forums.
Ask developers to create a plugin that you need - and motivate them to help you!
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