Issue/Question on Manage Columns screen

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Issue/Question on Manage Columns screen

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1) Why do we need to manually change the columns for the update page via config_inc. Why isn't this just another setting block on the Manage Columns screen?
In fact, it seems like three such blocks are missing:

2) The All Available Columns read-only box shows: id, project_id, reporter_id, handler_id, priority, severity, reproducibility, status, resolution, projection, category_id, date_submitted, last_updated, eta, os, os_build, platform, version, fixed_in_version, target_version, view_state, summary, due_date, description, steps_to_reproduce, additional_information, attachment_count, bugnotes_count, selection, edit, notes, tags, overdue
It seems a few of those are invalid or obsolete, like reporter_id (should be reporter), handler_id (should be handler), and additional_information (should be additional_info).

3) After the $g fields are set in config_inc, the last values set in the database are still shown in the related text areas. Do we need to clear the database settings and Then set the $g values in order to have them correctly rendered in Manage Columns?

HTH. Thanks.
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