Suitability for non-IT issue tracking

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Suitability for non-IT issue tracking

Post by jrich »

Hi there,

I'm the DBA at a mid-sized charity in the UK and I was hoping to get some advice on whether MantisBT might be a suitable for us.

We've been using SharePoint 2010, primarily for document management, but also for tracking a number of different types of business items: we have custom lists for business-related incidents (e.g., theft), safeguarding concerns, and risks to the charity that need to be monitored and mitigated. Each list has its own sets of customised fields and they each use their own workflows to set explicit permissions on the items that are logged so only the appropriate teams can see and work with them.

We'll be decommissioning our SharePOint 2010 in the coming year and we're likely to move to Office365 for document management. But I need to find a different solution to take over the various items tracking, as there will be too many restrictions with Office365 for the level of customisation we've made.

Ideally the solution would let me set up different types of items to track with their own sets of custom fields, workflows, and teams. Users logging items would, for example, click into the 'gifts and hospitality' section to register reciept of a gift, which would need to be reviewed by a particular team based on how the gift were recorded. Another user might click into 'safeguarding concerns' to log a concern regarding a vulnerable adult, which would go off to the safeguarding team for the particular service to review. I appreciate I might need to just run different installs each with their own configurations specific to the lists, but the key thing is whether I can get 'issues' logged that collect custom information and pass the issues to specifc teams based on values set in the custom fields, and have the issues hidden from everyone else.

I'm about to download and install Mantis on one of our test servers that already has PHP, IIS and SQL Server, but thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has any quick advice on whether this might be workable, or whether I'm trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Any initial thoughts/advice/warnings?


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Re: Suitability for non-IT issue tracking

Post by cas »

You can setup something like this within Mantis. You can activate specific customfields per project, you can have users per project ( there are some add-ons to work with usergroups, options to setup automated tasks etcetera).
Once you get into mants, you will discover the hige flexability of the software.

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