Selective visibility of bugs in project, to users/groups?.

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Selective visibility of bugs in project, to users/groups?.

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I am readying my engineering team to move over to Mantis from a home grown internal system that is nolonger manageable/supportable. I have been a supporter of Matis solution over several years though use in other business projects.

In getting ready for this move to Mantis I created a feature comparison matrix. This highlighted one missing major feature which we rely on heavily at my company. This posting is an attempt to discover how to access a possible well hidden feature in Mantis or to ask if this is on the current feature roadmap or to get advise on how such a feature could be implemented within the current framework for the benefit of the product.

Our current system is both used internally and customer facing. Our customers have the ability in our current system to report new bugs and track those same bugs as well as see the state of issues/bugs which we have made visible to them.

The way in which this works is that each user belongs to a group. The default group is the bug system owner (us). By default any bug created is made visible to the default group and the reporter's group (which may be the same). In addition any member of the default group at a specific role/level or higher, has the ability to make any bug when created or at any later time visible to any number of other groups.

What this implies is that for any given project/product all bugs are viewable by the default group. For any given project/product though there may be bugs that were created by a member of the non default group and is therfore additionally viewable/trackable by members of that group. Lastly, there may also be bugs that have been made visible to one or more other groups my a default group member.


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Re: Selective visibility of bugs in project, to users/groups?.

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Depends on the setup you choose. You could setup underneath each project 2 or more sub-projects, one for the default group and one for each other group. This however would bring additional maintenance which you prabably do not like.
Alternative would be to use a plugin for that :mrgreen:

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