e-mail notification for REMOVAL of assignment?

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e-mail notification for REMOVAL of assignment?

Post by Arioch »

I just installed Mantis into a small team and we are trying to learn "proper" ways of doing things.

So, the... feature request? Or maybe i just missed something?
There is a e-mail notification, when a bug was assigned TO me.
Can there be a similar, explicit and hard to overlook notification, when a bug was revoked from me, re-assigned from me to some another person?

~~~~ user (my) story ~~~~~

It was a very busy day today and i was frequently distracted, so one may say it was my failure.
Still i think Mantis could do better.

My peer created an issue onto me.
It felt a bit weird, but since the problem could be related to the part of code i am more familiar with - it was within normal, even if stretched, patterns.
I opened the issue from the e-mail notification, glanced it through and left open.

And hour later the peer re-assigned the issue ot himself. I did not know about it. I should had noticed, perhaps, but i did not.

After many distractions, related to our project and not, i finally decided i have time to invest into this feature, so i started the investigation and was posting comments (bugnotes) along the go.
Granted, at this time i could see in the isse header that the assignee is no more me. Or in the history.
But why would i re-read the header?
I was totally focused on the issue initial description and the comments beneath.

I spend some efforts investigating that part of the codebase i was familiar with, and was ready to give the final synopsis what the caller did wrong and assign the task back to the reporter.
At that time i got the call "Hey, why are you tryng to steal my bugs?".
That is when it got cleared out - initial assignment to me was probably a mistake or maybe a short impulse. Soon after the issue was re-assigned FROM me. And then when much later i started working on it - it created the confusion.

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Re: e-mail notification for REMOVAL of assignment?

Post by cas »

Check the e-mail notification area within the config.
You find the setting "E-mail on Change of Handler" :mrgreen:

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