admin/check gives bad info?

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admin/check gives bad info?

Post by mushu »

What am I doing wrong? Mantis version 1.3.4 gives bad info on admin check config screen, see attached image. The error says that it is correct, but then I get a WARN or a FAIL even though I have the proper setup: note how it says I DO have a valid email, etc. Is this is a corrupted config file or a bad install? Saying to "remove & reinstall Mantis" is not a helpful response, just to nip that in the bud early, because this is a fresh installation.

Windows Server 2012 R2
PHP 5.6.24
Mantis 1.3.4
MySQL 5.7.17

Thanks for any useful ideas you have!
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Re: admin/check gives bad info?

Post by atrol »

For other users reading this post.
This is caused by an outdated PHP version on web server. see ... 292#p60966
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