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Post by mushu »

Sorry for this post here but unable to communicate any other way since I don't know your email addresses. Trying to submit a password change and that screen NEVER resolves, it just sits there forever. I've let it sit there for at least ten minutes so far and nothing. I tried resubmitting again and same thing. I exited out of my browser completely and then logged back in and tries it again with same results. Can someone check on this please? Or maybe someone else can try and post if it works for them or not...maybe it's just me or my account for some reason.

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Re: website broken

Post by dregad »

We have been suffering from DDOS attacks lately, which probably explains the web site being unresponsive or even not available.

We're trying our best to resolve issues, but it is not always possible to do so in a timely manner as we do this in our spare time.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

PS: feel free to use our Gitter channel
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