Transfering Mantis environment

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Transfering Mantis environment

Post by Violanzzj »

Dear all,

currently we are running a Mantis version; 1.2.10 on a schema version; 183.

For some security reason we would like to decomission our current Server and do some re-installation on a new server. Although I'm not familiar how easy it is to transfer a whole Mantis environment. Can anyone please give me some additional information?

- Is there a easy way to make a backup of the current instance
- can this back easily be re-deployed on a new server
- will all Data be transferred? (including tickets, screenshots, user accounts, settings etc?)
- should we first upgrade to the latest (2.22.1?) version?

best regards,
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Re: Transfering Mantis environment

Post by atrol »

Please use Search before posting and read the Manual
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Re: Transfering Mantis environment

Post by TerranceM »

That isn't a cumbersome task. Export and Import from old to new and some mandatory updates.
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