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Mantis on Androis

Post by cpresto72 »

I'm a new user with Mantis. The App on Android is totally different from the IOS one, and I cannot edit all the form in "Report Issue".
The Android App is very poor, compared with the IOS one, and so is the usability.
I'm talking about the the full version, not the free one.
It seems that the Android App is still in the development phase, am I correct?


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Re: Mantis on Android

Post by Starbuck »

(Correcting subject: Mantis on AndroiD)

Mantis is Free and Open Source.
There is no "official" Android or iOS project. Which apps are you talking about?
Any mobile app that uses Mantis data is a completely separate software project by individuals.
I found two Mantis apps in the Google Play store.

1) MantisDroid, last updated 11/2019 says "There is a bug in MantisBT running on a server with PHP 5.4or higher which prevents MantisDroid from working". There is a reference to very old details. This looks like a dead or at least not very well supported app.

2) The Mantis Bugtracker app by Oliver Brunsmann looks like it's still in early development.

Anything else out there?

This MantisBT browser application could be used from a mobile browser, except that the CSS is tightly integrated with code, and it's not responsive. So a MantisBT site in a mobile browser is difficult to use. The v2 UI is great but very rigid and therefore limited. I really hope there will be an effort to decouple the UI from the functionality so that we can create alternative UI's. That will eliminate the need for some app efforts.

If the web service API supports all features then it would be easier to create mobile apps. I have not looked to see what features are missing. Is there a list anywhere? It would be great to find a code set of client calls through the web services to verify/test/demonstrate the available functionality. I'll have to look for that.

I haven't thought about creating an Android app for Mantis but I might consider it. I have to look at the web service API, issues that are open, contributions that I might be able to make there, and then using that between the client and server.
If you want Mantis to work differently, use or create a plugin. Visit the Plugins forums.
Ask developers to create a plugin that you need - and motivate them to help you!

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Re: Mantis on Androis

Post by TerranceM »

You should checkout MantisTouch which provides an interface that is designed from the ground up for mobile devices including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. You can use MantisTouch via the proxy at http:// mantisbt. mobi or you can install it on your owner server. The advantage of MantisTouch is it works across a wide variety of devices and its license covers all users associated with your MantisBT instance including your team and your customers. Rather than having to buy an app per user.

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