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ServiceNow and Mantis

Post by Gloumouche »


we wish to interconnect MantisBT and ServiceNow ( New York Release). However i can't find any clear information on it.

Is it possible or not? ServiceNow is quite permissive regarding interface and accept many protocols such as :

Email SSO – SAML 2.0
JDBC Digest token authentication
LDAP Data Export
REST API Syslog probe

If you can clarify this point, it will be great
best regards.
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Re: ServiceNow and Mantis

Post by Starbuck »

I think the answer to all such questions of "can Mantis interface with X?" is YES.
The challenge is find and motivate people to become familiar with both sides of the equation, and then to develop the bridge between them.
This is true for SalesForce, ServiceNow, Twilio, GitHub, QuickBooks, MS Office, IoT, or LINQ, or any FOSS or SaaS or application or technology that you can imagine.

So, if your organization is big enough to use or consider using ServiceNow, then you should have resources which can be dedicated to researching the bridge between ServiceNow and MantisBT. By resources, I mean Time, Money, and/or People. If you don't have Time to do this yourself, you will need other People. If you don't have People, you need money, or some other motivation to attract People.

So the answer to your question is Yes, what you ask is possible.

Now, I suspect the next questions might be along the lines of "Is there an existing plugin?" The answer to that is No. "Can someone create a plugin for free?" Again, without motivation you will have near zero chance of getting someone to create software for you for free.

So please take some time to figure out your priorities and resources. Your challenge, now that you that you can get what You want, is to figure out how to give someone else something that They want. This is the law of Supply and Demand. It seems you're in a business that is large enough to have that principle well-understood, so all of the pieces are in place.

What would you like to do next?
If you want Mantis to work differently, use or create a plugin. Visit the Plugins forums.
Ask developers to create a plugin that you need - and motivate them to help you!
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Re: ServiceNow and Mantis

Post by cas »

Some important questions are still unanswered :
What kind of information needs to be exchanged?
Would that be bi-directional or not?
On line connection or batch wise?
Clearly there are more questions to be answered but this is a simple start.
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