Status after feedback answer

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Status after feedback answer

Post by laussetdelon »

MantisBT 2.0
I created a custom workfow in which, along the different statut people needs to ask questions to reporter.
(Important : One a the constraint i set is that reporter can't assign - assignment threshold is set to UPDATER)
So I introduced the FEEDBACK state in the workflow.
When a developer (for exemple) want to ask a question to the reporter, he changes the status to FEEDBACK without changing the assignement (he keeps it assgined for him)
Then the customer sees it in it's list and it's great
BUT I need the bug to come back to it's previous state (which could any of the 7 states of my workflow) after the reporter writes it's note.
Setting g_reassign_on_feedback to ON, the status comes back to NEW
Setting g_reassign_on_feedback to OFF it stays in FEEDBACK state.

Is it any way to bring back the bug where it was in the worlkflow before feedback state

Thank you
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Re: Status after feedback answer

Post by ekesaf »

same problem. is there any resolution.
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