CAPTCHA too difficult

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CAPTCHA too difficult

Post by Sprezzatura »

I'd like to make this Forum's Administrators aware that the CAPTCHA for registering an account is absurdly difficult.

I have registered for accounts at hundreds of Websites. This is the first time that I failed at my first twelve attempts. It is frustrating and insulting to be rejected because of an indecipherable CAPTCHA, and to be barred after three or four unsuccessful attempts. I wish I had kept screen shots to demonstrate.

Yes, I realize you need to protect yourselves. But there has to be a better way.
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Is the second character '6' or 'G'? Is the last character '5' or 'S'?

When only the bots can guess the CAPTCHA, I think we're pretty much reached the limit. Use the Google reCAPTHCA, they seem to have figured it out.
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Re: CAPTCHA too difficult

Post by TerranceM »

Yes. It seems very difficult to crack and it also leads to user frustration, on the other hand, Google captcha is always an open option that can be implemented easily. You can just declare it just once and can be called again and again on the other pages of the sites.
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