Help me with some questions

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Help me with some questions

Post by cessenati »

Hello, I'm new to the community.
I have a project and would like to use Mantis BT.

I would like to know if you can help me with a few simple questions.

Is there a preferred operating system?
Where it works better or something like that.

How is the installation of Plugins?

What standard framework do you use?

On which application server can they be deployed?

Excuse my somewhat basic questions perhaps, I am just starting and what better if there is a friendly community. :D
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Re: Help me with some questions

Post by cas »

It runs fine on Windows & Linux.
For me there is no preference, very much depends on your knowledge (what is comfortable to you).
Installation of plugins is very easy as long as you ensure to use plugins which are suited for your mantis version. This however is relative simple to determine. Plugins are free of charge( at least 99% of them).
No need for a framework.
Any server will do as long as it can handle a webserver.
It can be used with multiple Database systems but I would advice MySQL :mrgreen:
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