Create changeset entry using REST API

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Create changeset entry using REST API

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Hi all

We are using a kind of home-grown SVN Mantis integration, meaning that we have defined a SVN commit hook using which we create a new note for some issue if the commit message mentions a Mantis issue. The creation is is done using the Mantis' REST API. We know that there exists the SCM integration plugin for Mantis. As far as I understand it, this plugin works by polling changes from a SVN (or Git) repository. However, we would rather like to stick with our push-style interaction approach. I have checked Mantis' REST API documentation whether there is an endpoint for creating changesets in Mantis. Since I couldn't find such an endpoint, questions are (i) is it possible to create a changeset using Mantis' REST API and (ii) if this is not the case, is it planned to extend the REST API in this direction?

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Re: Create changeset entry using REST API

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I doubt the REST API will be extended for that in the foreseeable future, if ever. But it's possible to 'push' changes with your post-commit
hook to Mantis (source integration plugin), using a POST to the checkin page ( ...
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