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Markdown Syntax Issues

Posted: 14 Jan 2021, 17:00
by csonon
I am experiencing some markdown issues using version 2.24.3 of Mantis.

I am attempting to post the following inside a code block using ```
List<string> limitedDocsId = null;
switch (dmsSession.LimitedRuntime)
case true:
DataTable limitedDocs = null;
limitedDocs = DispositionHelper.UserRequestedTable("D0.3 Limited Run", dmsSession.DispositionPath, dmsSession);
limitedDocsId = limitedDocs.AsEnumerable().Select(x => x["File Id"].ToString()).ToList();

This appears as shown in the image. I cannot find anything on this issue. You can see the &quot and &lt values.
Example.png (12.48 KiB) Viewed 729 times
Any help would be appreciated. I also do not see any color highlights. Is this normal?