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Allowing Reporters to Close Own Issues

Posted: 27 May 2021, 14:17
by Dominus
I'm trying to allow all reporters to close their own issues (Not everyone's issues). I have the workflow threshold set to allow them to close their issue, but for some reason they can only close it when it is marked as resolved already. How can I allow them to close an issue regardless of the status?

Re: Allowing Reporters to Close Own Issues

Posted: 17 Jun 2021, 16:41
by mushu
Make sure that the workflow allows "close" from any of the other statuses. I vaguely recall something about setting up the flow of what is possible for each status to get put into from each other status. It's buried in the documentation somewhere, and probably a config file setting. Probably somewhere in this area: $g_status_enum_string

also, if you did not redefine it, it will be in the main program directory default config file. DO NOT EDIT THAT FILE, instead copy the variable into your config directory and edit the config file in there.

Also check these out: