Set a project as the default

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Set a project as the default

Post by fmildemberger »

On my mantis server version 2.24.1, I have several projects registered. They are TI, TI1, TI2, TI3. How do I make sure that every new user is automatically included in the IT project only?
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Re: Set a project as the default

Post by cas »

afaik this is not available out of the box.
Few things you can do:
- make all projects private except for the one you want them to use
- Inform admin upon registration so default role/values can be set
-- review the following settings
-- $g_default_new_account_access_level = REPORTER; ==>> set to NONE
-- $g_notify_new_user_created_threshold_min ==>> should be ADMINISTRATOR
-- $g_allow_signup ==>> should be ON
-- copy the changed ones to your config/config_inc.php and adjust
- Create a plugin to take care of this
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